Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Shower Details

I thought I would post some details from the shower that aren't necessarily paper crafts. I know lots of people looking for shower inspiration. I hope these detail photos and descriptions help.

We used pink and green crepe paper to make the church's fellowship hall more festive. We were really limited on what we could use to decorate, but this really made it nice.

The advice cards are on the far right. I cut 12x12 sheets of paper into 4x6 rectangles. I then cut out 3x5 rectangles out of solid pink and solid green papers. I used my corner rounder to round the corners of the solid sheets and then adhered them to the patterned paper. This size is perfect for sliding into albums or scrapping with!

Also pictured are the Bingo cards I made. Super easy. If you want the file to make your own, leave me a comment. :)

I also had every guest preaddress an envelope to their selves. This served two purposes. One, it made it super easy for Michelle to mail out her Thank yous. Two, I used the envelopes to draw names at the end to see who would take home the center pieces.

Pink & green M&Ms helped to pull the color scheme to the food table. Matching napkins and plates helped to add a color pop at the tables.

I made really simple center pieces. I bought small succulents in small pots, wrapped pink ribbon around each pot, added an umbrella, and whallah - centerpiece!

We put blueberries and raspberries on the umbrellas and added them to each punch glass. It is a great refreshing punch. Find the recipe here.

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